Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Imagine That!

So I got my Imagine yesterday and within an hour I was set up, calibrated, printing and cutting. LOVE IT!! L.O.V.E I.T!!

Below is a layout that I did in a matter of minutes. Yeah I know it's kinda plain jane but I was on a mission and wanted to get this posted.

The word COUSINS was cut with Alphalicious...funny thing is I had already picked out my paper when I realized that I could fill the letters with the patterns from the Imagine cartridge. Told you I'd not paid attention! HA! I went ahead and cut with my colored paper tho being I already had it out.

Tell me, if you buy extra Imagine cartridges, the ones with just the virtual paper on them, how do you use them? Are they just for filling in the regular cartridges since you can't plug in 2 Imagine cartridges???

The "BEST FRIENDS" I printed as one piece (by accident) so then had to figure out how to break it apart (very easy - one button). When I assembled it, I used pop-dots to give it dimension but it's hard to see that in the picture.

Question: I couldn't find an easy way to change the image/font you always have to go into the 'pencil' to do that and can you not change the size on all the pieces at one time or do you have to got into each pieces 'pencil' to change the size....not thrilled with that part.

Also, when using regular cartridges, can you weld? I'm thinking not and that breaks my heart!

The hardest part to learn is using the little touch screen...I've gotten used to Design Studio and MAKE THE CUT so that little screen is going to be somewhat of a transition. All in all tho I am super psyched and happy!!


  1. Wow! Great first project. Now you have me rethinking the imagine over the expression2 ... hmmmmm. have fun. hugs, eileen

  2. Linda There is a great yahoo group about the imagine called cricutdemowa. we even have one of the Imagine developers as a member and he helps us out all the time, it is awesome. There is another update coming out anytime now and I think it will fix the resizing issue, right now you do have to resize each element of a design.
    Glad you love your I, I love mine too.

  3. Creative Monkey, yes, I'm already a member. I got invited when it first started up. Thanks!! ~Linda

  4. Congrats on getting the Imagine.

  5. Im glad you got the machine.. I remember when you didnt think you needed.. LOL..

    I also got mine after saying the same... I like it.. dont love it.. yet.. like my E too much.. But this past week I made a card using My Imagine like it was the E.. just the cut feature and was fine.. with my gypsy..

    Did you see the comments going on of the lawsuits again third party software.. that has consumers so mad a PC...

    I really want the new E... Im a PC junky.. very addicted..

    Thanks Linda.. for all the information you always provides for us..

  6. Ive_Boricua_Girl, Yeah, I flip flopped back and forth about the Imagine...talked myself out of it a dozen times but finally caved. I've only had time to make one project but so far I'm liking it. Re: PC's lawsuit...hmmmmm...I have a lot running around in my brain but I'm trying to hold off from commenting until the producer of the software makes a formal statement. KWIM? ~Linda