Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Cartridges are Coming!

Looks like a new line of cartridges are coming out soon.

From today's Chirp:

ATTENTION: Provo Craft is thrilled to announce that we have some Teresa Collins cartridges set to hit the shelves soon! (Left: just a taste--more to come in future Chirp installments!) There will be both original cartridges and Cricut Imagine content. The first will turn up in May, and more will follow in the summer and fall of this year. We're not supposed to tell you about the Halloween cartridge or the beautiful paper pattern cartridge until after St Patrick's Day, but we know you can keep a secret (*wink*). We are very excited about the content and creative ideas that Teresa brings to our consumers, and we know you will have as much fun with the content as we had creating it!


  1. You think this is to correspond with her new stamp machine?