Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Best of the Best!

New cartridges are coming our way!

The Best of 2006


The Best of 2007


The Best of 2008


The Best of 2009


The Best of 2010


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  1. I love the new Imagine carts!! Crocs Rule looks so darn cute too...this is a good Hello Thursday!! I do however think they missed the mark on the Best Of...most of us have the carts the images are from and if there is an image we don't who's going to pay the price of s full cart for an image or two??

  2. TCahal, I think the Best Of's are probably aimed at the newbies that don't have a lot of cartridges OR it could just be PC milking that last dime from the (cartridge) collectors. haha! ~Linda

  3. I also think they missed the mark with the Best of Carts...why would you buy a cart with no theme if you had a project to do? Also if you don't have many carts buy them slowly, don't waste your money on this.