Friday, May 27, 2011

25 Ways to Use Ribbon

Yesterday, I shared that I was trying to get organized in anticipation of some major summer scrapping. With that in mind, I thought it would be nice to dedicate this whole week to getting organized and cleaning out not only my craftroom but also the cobwebs from my brain by sharing some helpful list that I've saved over the years. Perhaps you are new to scrapbooking, perhaps you are a pro, either way, from one ribbon lover to another, enjoy!


25 Ways to Use Ribbon:

Tie through buttons

Make a border using a variety of or single color & patterns

Run along a pattern paper edge

Wrap around a photo

Use alphabet stickers on it

Hang a photo from a ribbon hanger

Stamp words on it

Use with pre-made products to give it your “personal touch”

Tie through eyelets or punched holes along an edge

Attach to metal embellishments like paper clips, spirals, photo anchors, jump rings or safety pins

Make a tie or bow and glue anywhere

Hang tags from it

Use for photo corners

Wrap around or tie to slide mounts or large monogram letters

Use to tie something closed like a mini-album, tag book, journal or card

Make loops or tabs for opening or pulling out hidden journaling

Attach a label holder with it

Wrap around a pre-made photo frame

Apply rub-on letters on it

Tuck photos under a ribbon border

Frame a picture or accent with ribbon

Tie around journaling blocks

Hang charms from it

Tie around strips of cardstock or paper

Use up your ribbon “scraps” to make a loop or tab border

Ways to Attach Ribbon:

Glue Dots Clear Lines






Safety Pins


  1. Thanks, it is good to get your memory jogged on this ideas...I am gonna go get out my little safety pins!

  2. thanks for the reminders! ohhhm aybe a little mini book using my binder :)))))