Monday, May 30, 2011

I Hope - Album Idea

Have you ever made a themed album? I found the idea for this one below in my archives. It reminds me of a song that Lee Ann Womack sings called "I Hope You Dance" (which would also make a great album!). Can you imagine receiving an album like this made by the hands of someone special? Talk about sweet!!

1. I hope you feel: - true compassion for others - the sun shining on a cold day - joy, love and compassion to the utmost - happy within yourself - the love of family and friends - the magic - the wind blowing through your hair and the rain on your face - comfort in familiar places – love

2. I hope you seek: - answers - what makes you happy - out the wisdom of your elders - for the treasures the world can offer - out the joy that surrounds you - fulfillment - friendship everywhere you turn - answers to things that interest you - wisdom

3. I hope you accomplish: - great things - everything you want - great and wonderful things - all that you can - all that you can - the impossible - everything you set out to do - being happy with yourself - all that you want

4. I hope you experience: - true love - the joy of giving and receiving true love - the wonders of a lifelong love - the world - the wonder of nature - the birth of a child - true happiness inside - life and all it has to offer

5. I hope you reach: - your highest goals - beyond the stars - for the stars - mountain tops heights - for a hand when you need one - for the rainbow - the stars and catch a piece of heaven - the unreachable

6. I hope you follow: - your heart - your faith - only if you cannot lead - the teachings of your faith - your dreams - your dreams wherever they may lead you

7. I hope you learn: - that being right is not all that important - all the world has to offer - what is truly important in life - all that you can - the lessons put in front of you - to accept people regardless of differences - to take things a day at a time so you can enjoy the little things - about your heritage - right from wrong

8. I hope you listen: - to the wisdom offered by your grandparents - to the ocean - to your conscience - whenever you can - to your heart as well as your head - to your heart - with all your heart - to the silence - carefully

9. I hope you fulfill: - all your hopes and your dreams - all your dreams - your dreams - all of your dreams - the dreams inside of you - your destiny - your dreams - become whatever you want to - your destiny

10. I hope you believe: - in the goodness of the others - a higher power - in Gods Word - in yourself - that you can do it! - that anything is possible - in your dreams - in yourself, ALWAYS! - in yourself over other’s

11. I hope you achieve: - total happiness - all that you can be - the impossible - inner peace - the highest level of perfection that you can - knowing that no one is perfect - the goals you set - your goals

12. I hope you trust: - your inner voice - your instincts - in God - in yourself - in your heart - in your intuition

13. I hope you teach: - your children the value of a dollar - your values - others what you have learned - someone else a lesson you have learned - a child to believe in their dreams - by example - others

14. I hope you cherish: - our time together - your family - the wonderful memories of the past - time to be yourself - those special moments when love surrounds you - a child’s laugh - every moment, life is too short to worry about the past or the future - those most important to you

15. I hope you determine: - to build strength of character it’s not going to just happen on its own - right from wrong - to be the best you can be - the person you are - what means most to you in life - what makes you happy and then do it - your destiny

16. I hope you dream: - big - for only then can your dreams come true - the impossible dream - because dreams give you things to strive for - for a happy life

17. I hope you remember: - that I love you no matter what happens - your roots - that I love you - the mistakes of the past in order to prevent making again - to live, love and laugh - the Golden Rule - what it was like to be a child - happy moments - your first kiss

18. I hope you explore: - distant lands - what the world has to offer - the possibilities in
something new - the impossible - all that you come upon - different places - fulfilling just one dream - everything

19. I hope you find: - the love of true friendship - time to notice that the simplest things in life can bring the greatest pleasures - that one great love - your niche in life - your hearts desire - your one true love - your essence - happiness

20. I hope you imagine: - rainbows when there are clouds - and dream and do what you need to make dreams come true - all that you can be and strive to achieve it - what life can be based on the different choices you are offered throughout life - the dream vacation - beyond belief

21. I hope you understand: - what is truly important in life - the difference between right and wrong and acceptable - there is always a purpose - the path before you - others are different from you and may not agree with everything you do - yourself - why things don’t always go your way

23. I hope you dare: - to be different - to always shine - to follow all of your dreams - to dream - to be great - to dance the tides - to challenge yourself - to be different and/or unique - to dream - to dream bigger

24. I hope you grow: - with each passing day - into the best man/woman you can be - in wisdom and knowledge and favor with God and man - wherever you are planted - into the person I know you can be - to be the loving person I know you can be - older and wiser - to be old

25. I hope you discover: - the beauty in the world around you - you have the power - the wonder of being you - the person you are inside - that success has many different meanings - wonder - the world and what it has to offer - who you were meant to be - new beginnings

26. I hope you protect: - those that are vulnerable - all those that you love - those who cannot protect themselves - the innocent - the special people in your life - your name, it goes with you throughout life - those important to you - your loved ones

27. I hope you provide: - happiness and love to everyone you touch - love to those who are not always loveable - the world with a little bit of yourself - others with an undying friendship - love and support to friends and family - an ear when needed

28. I hope you desire: - only the best life has to offer - to be the best you can be - inner peace - the simple things in life - things that you are able to obtain - to inspire

29. I hope you realize: - all you have to offer - all of your hearts desires - that being you is special - the impossible - that you cannot DO everything but you can TRY to do something - you are special - ALWAYS! - the meaning of YOUR life - life isn’t always a bowl of cherries

30. I hope you love: - with all of your heart - with all that you possess - God above all else - everyone you touch - yourself - your life - like there's no tomorrow - yourself above others


  1. That is such a wonderful idea. The sentiments are just absolutely beautiful, almost makes you cry . TFS as this would be such a special gift.


  2. What a great way to start the day.

  3. I just read the 30 little comments and wrote a whole post, but I lost was there but it is in 29 y/o son didn t come home Monday night for dinner with his GRandpa...he was only driving 6 blocks but became confused and couldn t remember how to get home...I waited all night... no answer on his phone either....early in the afternoon he remembered who he was and the ICU called me...his heart ha been beating wrong, again, and he was in the hospital...the police had the car towed but didn t give out any.names....?????????????????????????????????
    how long could that boy laid there and not known who he was.....but it didn t happen all on its own..some drug not RX.d after ICU my child goes to Drug Rehab....his baby son needs him...that poor baby lost his Mom to the same world...this Dad is going o be strong in mind and spirit and going to beat this...that baby deserves more...these words above will be etched in a mini filled with picture of the handsome Daddy and beautiful baby...those words will bring tears but I think they will help heel the soul...please pray for them...tomorrow when the sun comes up I will make the book...the word are beautiful and I hope will have a major impact.

    Thank you

  4. Sherri, I'm so sorry about your son but am glad he is ok and I'm hoping its all going to just get better and better from here on out. Bless you sweetie. =] Linda

  5. thank you , i have been wondering what i could leave for my little grandson. so he would know how great life can be and that i love.. with my heath be not so good i know i will not see him grow into the wonderful man i know he will be. it is a hard old world out there , and we all need to be loved . thanks again.
    i am linda too

  6. One of my favorite songs!
    It is a great hope for all those we love!
    Hugs, Dawn