Thursday, June 9, 2011

50 Ways to Use Stamps

Confession. I have tried so very hard to be a stamper but I guess I just don't have the hand for it. My stamped images A L W A Y S look by a 2 year old in fact. Probably not even as good as a 2 year old would do. So...I have given up on stamping but just because I can't do it doesn't mean that you shouldn't try. Here are a few fun ideas to get you started.


50 Ways to Use Stamps

1. Use alphabet stamps to make your title on a strip of cardstock

2. Cut out the individual letters and pop dot them for an even jazzier title

3. Stamp directly on your photos

4. Get a personalized stamp with your return address for all your correspondence

5. Get a personalized stamp with “handmade by ____” to mark all your creations

6. Stamp a small image over and over again to make your own patterned paper

7. Try the above with Versamark ink for an even subtler background pattern

8. Stamp with acrylic paint

9. Use a phrase stamp on the inside of a card to make it even more professional-looking

10. Stamp lines in Versamark as a guide for straight handwritten journaling

11. Use an inkpad, without a stamp, directly on your paper to jazz up the edges

12. Stamp a flower and add a brad or eyelet for the center

13. Use small alphabet stamps to make captions for photos

14. Stamp a word on a tag to highlight the theme of your page

15. Stamp an image multiple times, color in and cut out the pieces to overlap and form your own paper piecing

16. Stamp an image and cut out, then pop dot or use on your page just like a sticker

17. Emboss your stamping for extra shine or the 3D effect

18. Use one set of stamps throughout an entire mini album to tie it all together

19. Use stamps to decorate the cover of a cloth album so that it coordinates with the theme of the pages inside

20. Practice stamping on scrap paper and use the result as a pretty bookmark

21. Use wheel stamps for handmade gift wrap

22. Use a wheel stamp to make patterned paper

23. Use a wheel stamp for a quick and easy border

24. Stamp on paperclay and punch a hole in the top to make your own charms

25. Stamp on a magnetic sheet and cut out for cute handmade magnets to give as a gift

26. Stamp an image in black ink and color it in

27. Stamp an image in clear ink and emboss in clear, then rub colored ink over the paper so that you get a reverse image

28. Stamp an image in black and use a sponge dipped in ink/pressed on the inkpad to color in the image – looks even better if you "don’t" stay inside the lines

29. Stamp in Versamark and dab chalk over the top for a softer image

30. You can also try stamping with chalk

31. Stamp a whole scene and mat it just like a photo

32. Overlap stamped images for a collage look

33. Use an alphabet stamp to make monogram patterned paper

34. Use word stamps to make interesting patterned paper

35. Try stamping your title with mismatched or different sizes of alphabet stamps for a funky/ransom note look

36. Customize your home d├ęcor by stamping on your walls

37. Stamp on fabric – aprons, dishtowels, tote bags, swatches for scrapbook pages, etc

38. Stamp the sides of a post-it note cube for a cute gift

39. Use stamps on your holiday cards – makes it easier to mass produce the same design over and over

40. Print business cards or address labels from your computer and stamp an image in the corner to jazz them up

41. Stamp off on scrap paper once before stamping so that the image is softer and you can read text through it

42. When making background paper, stamp two or three times before re-inking – you get even more ‘shades’ out of just one color this way

43. Use Staz-On ink to stamp on vellum or metal

44. Stamp on polyshrink and bake it to make your own plastic charms

45. Stamp on bottle caps for an even jazzier embellishment

46. Use a stamped image as the outline for creating a wire shape

47. Use a word stamp to stamp on ribbon or twill

48. Leave space in printed journaling to stamp a few words so that they stand out

49. Use stamps to fill in the smaller squares in a colorblocking page

50. Get non-toxic ink and stamp on yourself – makes a cool temporary tattoo! (kids love this one too).


  1. great tips -- even though I mostly Cricut I've hung on to most of my stamps because sometimes they are the perfect touch

  2. thank you so very much for posting all of the great list/tips. i am printing them out for future use and want to let you know how grateful i am for your hard work in creating them.

  3. I am so enjoying these postings...I have saved all four! Thanks for being such a great resource!
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