Thursday, June 2, 2011

ABC Baby Album

Here's some cute ideas for an ABC Baby Album. Have you ever made one?

A is for adorable
B is for bath time bubbles on me.
C is for cute as can be.
D is for Daddy.
E is for eyes of miniature size.
F is for fingers tiny and soft.
G is for gums not a tooth in sight.
H is for hair styled just right.
I is for icky sticky messes of goo.
J is for jabbering I’m talking to you.
K is for kisses on my face and nose.
L is for little fingers and toes.
M is for Mommy her hearts made of gold.
N is for nothing can compare to you.
O is for our family complete with you.
P is for patty cake clapping with glee.
Q is for quilt sleeping with me.
R is for relatives.
S is for strolling from here to there.
T is for toys and all my gear.
U is for unhappy.
V is for visits.
W is for wonder.
X is for x-tra cute dressed this way.
Y is for yummy food in my tummy.
Z is for ZZZZZZZ’z I can sleep any place.

1 comment:

  1. What an adorable poem!
    I have never made a baby ABC album, but I think I might just have to now!!