Monday, June 6, 2011

Book Of Me

Have you ever done a "Book Of Me"? I started one once but only made it maybe 4 pages in. =(

So much scrappin' to do and yet so little time...know what I mean? Here's hoping you do better than I did and also a little guideline to help you get started.

Topics for A - Z
A - Addictions - Things I can't live without
B - Boyfriends - OLD Flames & How I met my Husband
C - Career - Real and What I always wanted to be
D - Difficulties - What you have experienced and how you overcame them
E - Emotions - What makes me Happy & Sad
F - Favorites - My favorite Color, Flower, Song & Movie
G - Girlfriends - My Best Friends and how we met
H - Hobbies - My favorite pastimes
I - Idols - Who do you look up to and who most inspires you
J - Juggle - What are all the things I am. Daughter, Sister, Wife etc.
K - Keepsakes - Things I cherish and have kept
L - Leisure - What I do for Fun
M - Milestones - The achievments you have made and would like to make
N - Never - Something you have never done but would like to do
O - Older - How do you feel about getting older
P - Purse - What's in you Purse
Q - Quotes - My favorite quotes that move me
R - Romantic - Name the most romantic moment in your life
S - Smells - List your favorite smells
T - Thankful - What am I thankful for
U - Unique - What is unique about me
V - Vacations - What was your best vacation and why
W - Wish list- List all the things you would love to recieve as gifts
X - eXcite - What really exites you
Y - Youth - Best memories of youth
Z - Zany - Some of the crazy things I've done Be Honest

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  1. Linda, I love this idea! I have never done a book of me but I will def be saving this idea. Thanks for sharing!!