Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cricut Fonts and Their Twins

Here's a list that has been floating around in the Cricut world for some time now. It's great for matching your journaling to your title.

Perhaps you know of some fonts to match some of the newer cartridges, if so, please share in the comments below. Thanks!

PS - This is an old list so I didn't check each link. If you find one not working let me know and I'll remove it. =)


Kim Score put this FABULOUS list together:

Here are some very similar (almost the same) as Alphalicious!24596~CurlyCue~font.html

Here is Cuttin' Up

Here is Doodletype. Some of the letters aren't exact, but it's very close.

Here is Basecamp!18717~Problem_Secretary_Normal~font.html

Here is Cursive 101!3326~Cursive_Handwriting_Tryout~font.html!19568~DnealianCursive~font.html

Here is Printing 101!19555~DN_Manuscript_Bold~font.html!19831~GroveScriptLight~font.html

This one is very close to Teardrop except for the "drippy" look on some of the letters. I actually prefer this one over the PC version.!41224~JIFrizzy~font.html

This font is almost exactly the same as the All Mixed Up font. There were only 3 uppercase letters that were a little different!!40574~Dreamed_About_You~font.html

Jasmine proved to be a difficult one to find! This one is a pretty good match for most letters.!19943~JitterScriptSSK~font.html

Stamped was also a tough one to find, but I think this is almost an exact match (if not a complete match).!20290~Offbeat~font.html

Happy Downloading!


  1. Thanks so much for these links!

  2. Thank you Linda, that is a great list!

  3. Thanks so much love them all. Can't wait to use them.