Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vinyl Heaven!

Ok so I know we have our Cricut's and can make these BUT look how cheap they sell for at My Vinyl Designer!! Honestly if you factor in time and supplies, I think it'd be cheaper just to buy them already made!! Seriously! Check out My Vinyl Designer by clicking HERE.

Edited to ad: Well pooh. I just realized these are files not the actual vinyl image. (insert rolling eyes here). Oh well, for those that are still using SCAL or MTC it's still a bargain!


  1. I have purchased from them and they are a great place. My house is filled with their designs. I would highly recommend them. Also I can make the design any size I want.

  2. Great find, Linda! Glad I opened my email and wandered on your blog instead of going to bed! Thanks for keeping us informed!

    (Another) Linda