Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Design Studio Updated

Provocraft has a Cartridge Content Update available for Design Studio. Cartridge Content Updates are separate installers that contain the new cartridges that have been released since the last update was done. collection.

Remember, when updating content, you do not need to un-install Design Studio as the update is only adding cartridges, not changing the program itself.

After you click on the link below, scroll down to the second download button to download the new cartridges only. Be sure Design Studio is closed before installing the update.

Click HERE to get your update now. =D


  1. Thanks Linda! Although, when I opened up DS, these new carts didn't show up. Mmh, I wonder what I'm doing wrong?

    Carmen L

  2. Carmen, after you downloaded the update, did you click on the link to install it? I know that sounds simple but not everybody knows to do that. ~Linda