Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Uh Oh

Rumor has it that PC is discontinuing the Imagine. The quote below is from the Imagine yahoo group and was made by a PC employee.

The correct wording should be, "Provo Craft is not CURRENTLY producing the Imagine machine." We manufactured over 75,000 Imagine machines with the anticipation that they would sell very quickly. They didn't. There were too many issues that affected sales. Unless or until you hear it from Provo Craft then it isn't true.

Provo Craft

Issues? Um, I'm kinda hoping they fix those but you know, this is ProvoCraft we're talking about so IF you are thinking about buying the Imagine...you might want to hold off.


  1. and I just bought one...... better stock up on ink & mats!! Just In Case!!! doris

  2. Doris, did you get it for a really good price? I've noticed the price coming down down down. Not sure if that's good or bad. ~Linda

  3. oh so provo ... rush a product to market bugs and all (hmm maybe that's why their logo is a BUG), sell at a high price, forget about the customer. just sayin'. silhouette and Make the Cut are looking better every day.