Sunday, January 8, 2012

Angry Bird Card

This post was written by guest blogger Carol Horton. Carol is a Close to My Heart Independent Consultant. Please visit her website at and her blog here:


Hi. I'm Carol Horton. Linda invited me to be a guest blogger to her wonderful blog. I am so excited to share myself and my creations with all of you.

I know that Angry Birds is a very popular game right now. As a matter of fact, I have a kindergarten student who adores the game. When I showed him a picture of the card, he knew right away what I was trying to create! I have to admit, I had only seen the game once and dismissed it. I do however, have a friend, Mindy, who is addicted to Angry Birds. Of course, once I saw this card created by Tracy Sanders, I knew I had to try to make it for Mindy's birthday.

I cut all the pieces to make the card from the Close to My Heart Art Philosoply Bundle Cricut Cartridge. I had no directions on what to use to make this Angry Bird, but I experimented until I could figure out the pieces I needed. I did have to play around to get the sizes right.

To tell you how to find the keys to cut, let me explain how I mark my overlays. I use a system that I think came from Robyn at MyPinkStamper. I label each row with a letter A-E and each white key is numbered 1-10. I start at the first image page in the handbook and mark it A1 and continue to A10. The next image is B1 and goes on to B10. I'm sure you get it.

The body and eyes were made using circles cut on key A1. You need a larger one for the body, 2 black for the eyes in 2 different sizes and a third to cut in half for the eyebrows. You also need a white circle for each eye.

The plume for his head and his wings were cut using the key B2 shift. I cut the center part for each wing. I used the entire top of one for the head feathers.

His legs and feet were cut with the image on key D6 Layer Shift. It looks like a tree trunk but I cut off the extra branches and put them upside down.

His nose was cut using key E5 shift.

Close To My Heart Art Philosophy Bundle Cricut Cartridge is a truly versatile cartridge. It has 6 decorative keys {font, font layer, tag, cards, layer, decorative layer}. It can cut 700 unique images. I believe all the images can be used alone or with another image. I created a blog post of all the images I could cut just using one button. You can see it here.

Thanks for looking.


  1. My son is addicted to Angry Birds too (1st grade) and he knew exactly what it was when I showed him. Great job!!

  2. The first time I saw the card as the FB page waas loading on the Cricut Cheat Sheets Group, I burst out laughing. Have never played the game but a lot of my adult cousins as well as my DH are addicted to it. He's just sooooo darned cute! (The bird... well, my hubby is, too, but at the moment I was really talking about the bird!) Very, very clever use of the different parts of the cuts (tree branches for feet, etc. Some of our punches in Creative Memories we have found different uses for... I LOVE it when people think outside the box!!