Saturday, January 14, 2012

Canvas Tote Bag

Post made by guest blogger, Queen Bee.


So I saw a really cute bag that, Leslie ( had on the Cricut message board as well as her blog site. With her HUGE help, she got me a bag at her local Christmas shop, since I don't have one here, and she sent me the bag and some Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). So after being scared about what to do, I decided that I would cut with contact paper to see how the cuts would come out and to also see the sizing for my bag. Here's the bag before I got started:

Here's what I did with my contact paper cuts.......a LO to use for later on.

Here's DS and me working on what to cut on the new vinyl.

After cutting the was time to iron-on.

Next it was time to check on the pieces to see if they were ready.

So here I am peeling the plastic layover off the shells.

The front completed!!!!!

Here's where the vinyl did something weird. I'm not sure because the image is with thinner/smaller pieces or what, but here's my name on the back of the bag.
So that's pretty much it!!!! I really enjoyed spending my time working on this too!!!!
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  1. Fantastic! I have never tried vinyl and have never heard of heat-transfer vinyl but WOW how cool!

    I did have good success cutting a sheet of Duck Tape on my Cricut -- 8 x 11 sheets of the tape can be found at Target. I used it to decorate a mason jar for putting a candle inside.

    This year I want to learn great ways to cut fabric for applique on my Cricut. Love your project!

    1. Vinyl is one of my favorite things to use in my cricut.

      I never thought about Duck Tape for decorating. Pretty neat.

      The cricut allows you to do the fabic, I haven't done it, but I have seen it done. It looks pretty easy too.

  2. Great job. I use a sheet of teflon to protect my vinyl while ironing it on. Maybe that would help next time?

    1. I'll have to give that a try for the next time. Thx!

  3. clear contact paper??? the one in rolls in the houseware/hardware dept??? I love your bag!! I have not created on material yet BUT I have stuff to create on it.. LOL let me know about the contact paper..

    1. Yeah I just went to the grocery store and bought parchment paper. It's what I use between the iron and the HTV.

      The clear contact is actually part of the sheets of the Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV). It's the backing, that's what stays on the bag until it's done and that's what I peeled off.

      Thanks for the compliments :O)

      Stop by my blog!

  4. Wow, Queen Bee, that is fantastic. Now, I want to make one of those bags to tote my stuff back and forth to school.

    Does the bag have a brand name, and where can I get the heat transfer vinyl?

    1. Thanks so much. I love my bag.

      The bag came from a store called The Christmas Tree Shops. I don't think it has a brand name.

      As far as where to get Heat Transfer Vinyl (HTV); well I mentioned who I got the idea from, Leslie, so here is her wedsite:

      Leslie had sample packs which I had gotten from her. They are great to start out with.

      stop by my blog!! :O)

      ps I will send you an e-mail too!