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Show Them Whoooo Cares With a Cute Card!

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Show Them Whoooo Cares With a Cute Card!

Making cards for the holidays is a great way to steal some creative time during a very busy season! Now, I’m relatively new to card-making—I’ve been quilting for 20 years and was given a Cricut for Christmas two years ago to use with my fabric crafts. (And, yes, I did make a cute wall-hanging with my Cricut, but that’s a subject for another post!) In the meantime, I discovered making cards is very similar to assembling a quilt top.
This year, I made cards for gift cards, thank you notes and gift tags. Found the Wild Card cartridge to be pretty wonderful for a variety of cards!

Made with Wild Card Ornament at 4 1/4 inches outlined with a silver Sharpee and a ribbon hanger

My aunt was more thrilled with the hand-made card than the gift cards inside!
The Very Merry Tag cartridge offers so many cute tags and everyone seems to enjoy them on their gifts.

Just a sampling of what tags I made this year
Pretty cool being able to customize your tags to match your gift wrap and add that perfect touch on every gift! Each tag was between 3 inches to 3 ½ inches. Thinking I’m going to start making these in October so I can have plenty on hand for Christmas. I just pop in paper, tell the machine to cut a bunch and assemble the tags. Might be fun to have a bunch of friends over and make enough for everyone’s gifts!

Whoo loves a cute thank you note???
The owl card is one of my favorites! I used shiny metallic paper for the owl, tree and greeting. Before putting the liner in the owl, I turned up the feathers on his chest a little to add a bit of texture. This little cutie was also made the Wild Card cartridge at 4 ¼ inches.
The weather around here has been unseasonably warm for New Jersey, which is conjuring thoughts of spring flowers. Wild Card also has this darling daisy card I made at 4 ¼ inches.

Wishing for springtime....

Will send this card during the next snowstorm!

A word of warning when making the flower card—make sure the liner and outside match, since they can only be oriented one way. (Don’t ask me how I found that out!) Would have preferred a way to make the grass a different color on the envelope, but there wasn’t a separate cut-out. Being cheap, err, frugal, and not wanting to cut another envelope and cut out the grass portion, I decided to get out my colored pencils and enjoy some relaxing coloring time.

Thanks so much to Linda for allowing me to be a guest blogger! Had a wonderful time sharing my cards and tags with you!

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  1. I love the Wild Card cartridge! I just love that now that I have an Expression I can make the wonderful envelopes and cards a good size! I also have the Very Merry Tags cartridge and made lots of coordinating tags for last year's gifts! It's so nice to see projects that I could do myself! Thanks for sharing!