Monday, April 16, 2012

Cindy's Craft Room: A Little Piece of Heaven

Good Morning Just A Scrappin' Fellow Crafters,

I want to write a HUGE thank you to fellow DT member, Brenda, for sharing with us her fabulous craft room last week. Today, we are exploring the craft room of fellow designer and blogger, Cindy. Cindy's craft room illustrates that any space within one's home can become an inviting, creative oasis. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Hello everyone, it's Cindy from Creating with the Heart. I have a large family and a small house so instead of a craft room, I have a craft corner. Before I met my husband, I had a two bedroom condo and the second room was my craft room. When he moved in with his two kids, I had to move all of my craft stuff into storage where it sat for 3 years! When we finally decided to buy a house after my son Tyler was born, I insisted that there be some kind of craft space for me.  We ended up converting the family room into a huge master bedroom and there was a nice size corner that was perfect for a craft space. The only problem of course, is that I have way too much stuff for just  a corner but after not having a craft space, I just feel lucky to have a space to call my own.
I have a 6 foot desk which houses one of my paper cutters, copics and the tools that I use most often such as scissors, punches, acrylic stamp mounts, piercing tool, two way glue pen, and my Ott-Lite. I have a "buffet" which houses designer paper, stamp sets and misc. On top of the buffet, I have my Cuttlebug, my Cricut and my stamp pads. My dad bought my buffet at a yard sale for 50 bucks and I absolutely love it. Above, I have a peg board which is where I have my stickles, cuttlebug folders, chalks and glitter. I also have two bookcases which house paper, dies, stamps, misc tools, buttons and other embellishments. My Cricut cartridges, books and overlays are stored in the artbin cartridge containers. Under my desk, I have cropper hopper paper rolling storage unit for my cardstock and a plastic bin with drawers which house my punches, ribbons and primas. I won't show you what's in my closet, behind my door and under my bed but I have definitely outgrown my space.
What I love most is that I have my own space, I can leave projects out and my children know not to go into my corner. Being able to have my cartridges, stamps, inkpads, cuttle bug and Cricut out makes it very convenient to use. I think that for crafters out there who are not fortunate enough to have room to call your own, I think that it's very possible to claim a corner in your house with the right storage and a desk that you can claim as yours.

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  1. I think the most important thing is not "where" but that you 'have' an area for crafting. I have a craft table that I bought a few years ago at Joann's and a few sterilite units stacked on top of each other that holds my 'stuff' and my paper is in another adjacent room out of the way. We have a table that only gets used as a table on holidays so I do my crafting there (that that actually gets done). I spend more time looking for ideas from crafty folks and buying more craft supplies than I do actually crafting. ;-( (I don't have much confidence in my craft abilities.) Anyone have any ideas to just jump in and do it!?

  2. Awesome use of space. You can come redo my bedroom area, which is all over my small room, lol. I am not a clothes-a-holic but a craft-a-holic. So it is everywhere. I once tried to take my things out of my travel bag, and lost it amongst my stuff, needless to say I don't try to organize anymore, lol.

  3. I too have a small house & get a lil jealous when I see some of the rooms those lucky scrapbook gals have. My scrapping is done at the kitchen table, my stamps & punches are in my bedroom, my paper is shelved in the hallway & everything else including my Cricut is in or on iris carts next to the kitchen table. I'm always forgetting something so I tend to get up ALOT when I'm scrapping, I look at it as extra exercise for me LOL! =)

  4. I feel even more blessed then ever after reading all this. I use to share my sons room with my craft table and a few rolling carts. My son has been gone several years so a few years ago my terrific hubby made his walk in closet my kingdom of storage units from Michaels collection. Now for approximately the last 4-5 years I have had multiple back surgeries and have now become disabled but he surprised me with a total gorgeous room of all Martha Stewart furniture that is absolutely out of this world! I'm slowly trying to get back to crafting but I simply walk into this glorious room and do nothing but smile and thank the Man above for all my many blessings especially my wonderful loving Husband. Your all welcome to come play with me any time. I would love it!

  5. I have a similar set up. It's just me & my 5 year old in an apartment, so I shifted the dining room table to one wall and use the other 2 for a massive desk with a hutch and shelves above(desk is a big L shape with one edge measuring 5 feet and the other measuring 10 feet). I have lots of space to spread out and I can leave my Cricut, Cuttlebug, Cinch & Paper Trimmer out all the time. I also have a filing cabinet that stores all my 8 1/2 x 11 cardstock & chipboard. I love my space after having to haul it in and out of closets for 2 years!