Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Scrapper's Toolbox: Ode to the Ornament Punch (Part I-Borders)

The Ornament Punch by Stampin' Up has 3 stamp sets that use it as a base design, but what I have come to love about it is all the things this beautiful yet basic shape can do all year long.

Today, I'm using it as a border punch.


Ornament Punch from Stampin' Up
1-1/2 x 12 inch strip of card stock or paper (or 1-1/2 x length of project)
graphing ruler (this one's a “Tim Holtz”, but there are a variety available in the drafting department of office supply and craft stores. I confess that while I am a hard core Stampin' Up demonstrator, I do have a few dalliances with Tim Holtz' products....)


Mark the center line (CL) of the back of your card stock strip. Draw parallel lines each 1-7/8 inches, perpendicular to the top edge. These are the center lines of the ornament. Position the card stock so that it rests against the backstop (hinge) of the punch, with the CL at the bottom point of the ornament. Punch at each CL.

*Notice, I have marked my punch with a sharpie extra fine point, to help me keep my paper parallel.

Turn your card stock around, and mark the center of each area between ornaments. Punch in the same fashion as the first side. Because there's not much card stock to brace against the hinge of the punch, marking the punch is very helpful to keep your design straight. Optional: Nip a little quadrant of ornament off the square end, as I have done here to keep the flow of the pattern.

The “leftover” pieces can also be used to create a border design. 100% used – love it!

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Kristine Matthews and the DT at Just A Scrappin'


  1. What an awesome idea, love how the border came out.

  2. I love that border. So very clever. I'd love to see some more punch ideas.

  3. What a creative idea! Now I'll look at my punches in a whole different light!