Monday, July 16, 2012

DT Member Spotlight--Barbara

Good morning Fellow Crafters and Bloggers!

I want to thank Joann for sharing with us some of her crafting secrets in last week's DT Member Spotlight. This week Barbara provides us with a glimpse into her crafting world. 

Meet Barbara...

1. You have been a scrapbooking crafter for the last six years, how have you seen your crafting style evolve? Any advice for others who have been bitten by the crafting bug?

I'd like to think that over the years I've refined my 'skills' somewhat and have therefore grown as a paper crafter.  I'm definitely more at home with what I do and find myself trying new techniques without fear.  As far as advice goes, have fun - that's the most important thing.  Second, don't be afraid of mistakes - after all they provide new learning opportunities (not to mention out of the box ideas that just might add that extra oomph to your project).  And finally, break out of the box.  If you find yourself in a designer's block try a new technique or reach out to your blog readers for help.  (I've done this a couple of times and made it into a blog candy event that was really fun for them and me.)

2. With the busy life you lead, how do you find time to craft? What tips can you offer to fellow crafters who lead busy lives, but need the creative release that crafting provides?

I tend to do most of my crafting on the weekends or in the mornings before work.  I wake with my husband and once I have him off to work I have an hour before I have to get myself ready so I'll use that time crafting.  (The kids are usually still asleep and those that aren't are all old enough to fend for themselves.  lol)

I also like to craft in the evenings when the family is gathered around the TV because then I can still be a part of the group even though I'm crafting.

3. How do you stay up-to-date on the latest scrapbooking trends?

I do a lot of blog hopping/lurking.  I also buy/subscribe to Paper Crafts and Cricut Magazine (in which I've been published a couple of times now).  Oh, and let's not forget about Splitcoast Stampers.

4. What Cricut cartridge can you not live without? And why?

Are you serious?  Choose just one?  LOL  I love all of my cartridges, but I think I've used Accent Essentials and George more than any other.  Why?  Because they're so versatile with the basic shapes that can be used for so many things.

Truth be told though, I'm very partial to my Christmas cartridges because Christmas is my favorite time of year.

(Inside View)

To learn and see more of Barbara's work, visit her blog at

Join us next week at we get to know another member of the Just A Scrappin' DT.

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