Monday, July 23, 2012

DT Member Spotlight--Bridget

Good Morning Fellow Scrappers,

We are are off to a fabulous week here at Just-A-Scrappin'. I wanted to write a huge THANK YOU to Barbara for sharing her thoughts on crafting. This week we are spotlighting fellow designer, Bridget. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

Meet Bridget...

1. How long have you been paper crafting and how did you get your start?

I have been crafting since I was a little girl, but became seriously involved in the fall of 2005.   It’s actually a funny story how I got involved.  My son was going to a home daycare and the daycare provider was in to scrapbooking.  I bought my son a kit he could work on there after school.  One day, I found the un-used kit and opened it.  I’ve been hooked ever since!

2. I see this is your first time on a design team, what was your motivation in trying out for a design team? And do you have any advice for others with a similar goal?

My motivations in trying out for a design team were actually a few things.  My main motivation was helping others.  I really enjoy teaching and showing others how things can be done.  I love the idea that something I make can inspire someone else.  That was why I created a blog and make you tube videos.  

I also really liked being part of something that involved my favorite past time, scrapping.  Finally, I really liked the idea of the group dynamic and getting to work with such talented individuals.  

I would advise others who have a similar goal to just keep trying.  I did not make the first design team I tried out for.  I would suggest to keep crafting, start a blog and have fun.  The right design team is out there for you!  

3. I see from your blog you feel very comfortable creating masculine cards. Do you have a go-to formula and/or a thought process for designing your cards?

Wow!  I never would make that statement myself.  I feel I struggle with masculine cards so that is an awesome compliment!  When I make any card, I really like to take my time and brainstorm.  I like to think about the person I am making it for.  Every card that I make, I can relate to the person.  For example, my dad loves Mustangs, so I made him a “Mustang” for his Father’s Day Card.  

If I am really stuck then I start looking around.  I have the Cricut magazines, I will look at blogs (of course) and sometimes I start with just an image I want to cut on the Cricut and go from there.  Most times though, I am lucky enough to see a cut on a cartridge or stamp set and off my ideas go.  If you ever have too many, take a step back and try again.  

4. What is your crafting space like? Do you consider yourself organized, organized chaos or let it fall where it may? How does your organizational style add to your crafting? (You can share a picture of your craft space if you like).

My crafting space.  Unfortunately, there was a crafting tornado that hit.  I’m not sure if any of you were also hit by the last one or not, but I was!   In all seriousness…my craft room, I would say is organized chaos.  I have a rather large room and large closet, but it also is our catchall room.  So I have a lot of un-related items in there to contend with.  

I do have to say that you can name anything and I can put my hands on it within 30 seconds.  I try very hard to keep everything organized, but it is an ongoing process as many of you know.  I promise to post pictures after the tornado clean up!

To learn and see more of Bridget's fabulous work, visit her blog at

Join us next week as we meet another DT member.

Happy Scrapping,

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  1. Good job and good luck. I learn a lot from DT's. I appreciate their talents.

    1. Thank you so much!! I am so glad to hear you learn things....that's my goal :) Of course, I'm always up to learn a thing or two also!!!!!

  2. Hi Bridget, I loved what you said about how you come up with Ideas, I do the very same thing. You have a wonderful smile, it makes your whole face light up. I enjoyed checking out the projects you have done. Great job!
    Marye Bird