Friday, July 20, 2012

Make The Cut ROCKS!

Make The Cut just got even better! Here's what Andy and the Make The Cut team have been up to and if you'd like read even more, check them out by clicking HERE.

 *** Have you heard about the KNK Zing? We partnered with the folks over at Klic-N-Kut and put together the ultimate crafting machine. This thing can cut with amazing amounts of force, accuracy and even supports Print-And-Cut using Laser guidance! Crafters have been unleashing their true talent by pushing this machine to it's fullest potential. From cutting balsa wood to extremely fine detail on thin vinyl, it is the most versatile cutting/crafting machine on the market!




  1. I love Make the Cut. Ever since CraftEdge and Sure Cuts Alot took me for a ride with my $70, I haven't looked back. MTC is amazing.

  2. I so agree. Andy has done an extremely AWESOME job with this software. AND I don't know how I could do without it ..NO WAY I could do my crafting without it....YEAH MAKE THE CUT!!! amd yeah to just-a-scrapping for the awesome write up.