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DT Member Spotlight--Marye

Happy Monday Fellow Crafters and Bloggers,

A huge thank you to Melitta for sharing her buggy love with us. 

Well crafters,  we have come to the end of our DT Member Spotlight journey. Marye will close out our crafting journey, thank you. It has been wonderful having an opportunity to know each of these fabulous ladies personally and what makes their crafts so special. Along the way we as a crafting community have learned how to save while crafting; think outside of our crafting comfort zone; learn a think or two about some great products we might have overlooked in the crafting world; and just plain ole' have fun with paper, glue and embellishments of every kind!

This is not farewell, but rather we will see you again...


Meet Marye...

1. How long have you been crafting and how did you get your start.

 Even as a little girl, I use to create doll houses for my younger sister out of things I found around the house and yard. I wanted to be an art teacher when I grew up. All through my life I have had a passion for crafts of all kinds. I did a lot of home interior design for my own home for years. I got a taste at scrapbooking when my mother gave me old black and white photos, (about 8 yrs ago) but they were not much to talk about. One day a good friend of mine (Debi Sheppard) invited me to an overnight scrapbook party. She gave me a huge stack of 12X12 paper of all kinds and told me to bring pictures and an album. Oh! and food. It was so much fun! I thought they were crazy. They were bringing boxes and tubs filled with everything you could think of and most I had never heard of. But, one girl (Candi Solum) brought her Cricut Expressions and 6 cartridges. Once she showed me how to use it…..I was in love!
2.  I love the name of your blog “Passionatly Crafty” what does this mean to you, and how do you fit crafting into your busy life?

When you get up in the morning and can’t wait to do something, that something is your passion. If everywhere you look and everything you see gives you ideas and ways you can use that something, it has to be a passion. This is where my blog name came from. Actually I spelled it incorrectly by mistake and just left it that way “Passionatly Crafty”.

I have been blessed with many avenues in which to exercise this passion. I had four children , 12 grandchildren, became a Girl Scout Leader (10 yrs..) Helped at school (still do)  got a job for a company demonstrating the Cricut expressions, and Cricut cake when it was new. The managers liked me so much when the Education Coordinator position opened they called me. I have been there 2 plus years and love it. I go to work and do crafts!!!!  There is lots of inspiration all around me at work. At home I like to check out various blogs and sites. Just A Scrappin was my first and favorite one to visit. I have added many more to my list since then. Pintrest is a new pastime.

3. What is your favorite product to use on your projects, cards, layouts? What item/tool can you not live without?

Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive is my favorite product among many. Because when you stick it there it says forever.  The tool that set me on fire was the Cricut Expressions. I do a class at Jo-Anns just so I can pass the passion and excitement on to others. I use it for everything I create.

4. What is your favorite Cricut cartridge? Why? 

I tell my students that if I could only have one cartridge, it would be Paper Doll Dress Up. The reason is not the paper doll, but all of the different accessories to the right. You know the ones you have to use the grey buttons to cut. You have in this one cartridge, cuts for every occasion you can think of, every situation you could ever need cuts for.

Interested in seeing Marye's work? Visit her blog at .

Thank you for joining us on the DT Members' crafting journeys.

Happy Scrappin',

The Just A Scrappin' DT

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