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DT Spotlight--Liz

Good morning fellow scrappers and bloggers,

I hope you all enjoy your Labor Day weekend, especially if it is spent checking out some of your favorite crafting websites =) A huge Thank You to Michelle for introducing herself and her crating style. This week we introduce fellow DT member, Liz. Sit back, relax and enjoy the interview.

Meet Liz...

1. How long have you been paper-crafting? How did you get your start?

For as long as I can remember! When I ask my mom about it, she says she got me some stamps and ink to play with to keep me busy when I was little. I remember loving to color, cut and glue stuff together. I really started making cards when my mom’s friend took her and I to a Stampin’ Up! Stamp camp for a day. My mom got hooked too! That was when I was about 14. In high school, a friend introduced me to Creative Memories and since mom and I already had so much stamping supplies, I was ready to jump right into scrapbooking! The rest is history!

2. On your blog you have quite a few scrapbook layouts, what is your layout process (including theme, color, design)? Do you have any tips on how to put together a quick 12x12 layout?

You have to decide what you are going to start with. Sometimes I start with the perfect picture. Other times I know I want to use specific paper and find pictures to go with it. My advice is find one starting point. The rest will work from there. If I really have to get something done fast, I will do a one page layout instead of two. I may go back later to add a second page. I tend to like two page layouts in my albums better. And working from a sketch always helps if you need a quick layout or card!

3. You set crafting goals for yourself on your blog and share with your followers, why did you start this “goal sharing?” Are you meeting your goals?

I saw someone else do this on a forum and it really helped motivate them so I was hoping that setting specific goals would help me too. The month I set the goals, I did get more crafting done than other times, but I overestimated how much time I would have to craft! I didn’t meet the goals, but I came close. I don’t look at that as a bad thing. The goal did what is was meant to do: get me motivated! I plan on posting my September goals soon!

4. You seem be able to seamlessly move between vintage and a clean, structured crafting style, what would you say is your crafting style?

Chameleon! LOL I am often asked this and I never have an exact answer. My style changes from day to day depending on how I feel and what kind of project I am working on. I don’t want to have one style, I want to have them all! Although, my personal pages tend towards clean lines and a structured style. 

5. Love the pictures of your craft room. What is your favorite object? And tell us a little about your organization style?

My favorite object has to be the custom shelves my boyfriend made me. I loved sitting down with him and drawing out the dimensions and really giving everything its own place. I even have a friend who got her husband to re-create them so she could have her own set!

Organization is something I believe is specific to each crafter. You have to decide what works for you. Some people organize by item, manufacturer or color. I do all three! It sounds a little crazy, I know. But I organize each item by how I think I will remember it, and it normally works. Paper is (mostly) by company. Bling, brads, buttons, flowers and other similar items are organized by color. Everything else, I just make sure it is near similar items. Like my tulle is near my twine and ribbon.

Interested in viewing more of Liz's work? Visit her blog at

Thank you for stopping by and Happy Labor Day. See you next week as we chat with another DT member.

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